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  • Can you explain the travel/ hiking grades?

    All our travels in Nepal are active tours.  The Himalayas cover an important part of Nepal, which means that walking up- and downhill is inavoidable while traveling this beatiful country.  For all our tours a good basic fitness is required.  Experience ... READ MORE

  • How is the accommodation?

    While on trekking, you will overnight in basic lodges along the trekking trail, or camp in a tent.  The most popular treks can be done with all the nights in lodges.  These lodges are basic with a minimum comfort.  Single rooms cannot be guaranteed. &n ... READ MORE

  • What kind of insurance do I need?

    We advise you to check your health insurance.  Hight altitude trekking or adventurous sports (eg. rafting, paragliding, etc.) are not always covered by the standard health insurance.  We ask you to make sure that the insurance covers your activities in Nepa ... READ MORE

  • Is there Malaria risk in Nepal?

    It depends on the time of traveling and the region where you want to travel in Nepal. Please read the information of the Institute of Tropical Medicine for the full details, or contact your physician.   We advise you to get an adequate health insur ... READ MORE

  • Which vaccinations do I need?

    For Nepal, there are no vaccinations obligatory, though some vaccinations are recommended, such as Typhoid, Hepatitis A and some others.   Please read the information of the Institute of Tropical Medicine for the full details, or contact your physician. ... READ MORE

  • Is departure guaranteed?

    The departure is guaranteed from the moment 2 persons booked the same trip.  The maximum amount of participants is 8 (for the group tours with fixed departure date).       When you book an independent tour, trekking or tailor m ... READ MORE

  • How to book?

    You can either use the booking form on the website, or send us an e-mail.   We like to know a few things such as your name, address and date of birth, what exacylty you want to book, and if you need a porter or not.  Please mention if you have a discou ... READ MORE

  • I heard about altitude sickness...

    Our guides have sufficient knowledge about altitude sickness and they will assist you in this case if needed. They ensure that the necessary time for acclimatization is respected. Guests who leave the paths or do not follow the advice of the guide, do so at their own ... READ MORE

  • Did you think about sustainable traveling?

    Respectful travelling - What is Ganesh Trekking doing?   We ask our guides to choose lodges as much as possible where solar energy is available, instead of lodges which require the use of firewood for cooking and heating. We pay our staff a wor ... READ MORE

  • What about trekking permits, entrance of natural parks and TIMS-cards?

    Most of the trekking routes lie in protected natural areas. Trekking permits are needed to get into those areas and checkpoints are at certain points along the trek. If you book a trek via Ganesh Trekking, you don’t have to worry about permits; Ganesh Trekking ... READ MORE

  • Do I need a visa for Nepal?

    Visitors need a visa to travel to Nepal. Visas can be simply obtained upon arrival at the airport in Kathmandu. You should bring two passport size photos. Visas can be also obtained in advance from an embassy or consulate of Nepal. Find more information here:&nbs ... READ MORE

  • How is the weather in Nepal?

    Nepal can be subdivided into three different regions and all these three regions have different climates. The south of Nepal (Terai), bordering India, can be very hot in April, May and June; the rest of the year is suitable to visit Terai and it is especially ple ... READ MORE

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