Can you explain the travel/ hiking grades?

All our travels in Nepal are active tours.  The Himalayas cover an important part of Nepal, which means that walking up- and downhill is inavoidable while traveling this beatiful country.  For all our tours a good basic fitness is required.  Experience in mountain hiking is not needed for the most lodge treks.

  • easy: city visits on foot, day hikes, max. 1 night in a trekkers lodge, max. altitude is 2500m
  • moderate: trek with overnight in trekkers lodges inluded (max. 7 days), altitude until 3500m
  • hard: lodge trek from more than 7 days, max. altitude is 4500m, practicing sports at home is recommended
  • very hard: camp- or lodge trek with more than 3 days on high altitude (more than 4500m), or in very basic conditions (rural area), or in combination with other adventurous sports (rafting, mountainbike, …), practicing sports at home is recommended
  • extreme: very heavy camp- or lodge trek on high altitude or in very basic conditions, experience in mountain hiking is recommended

We don’t offer mountaineering or expedition tours.  All the treks we offer are possible without special equipment (crampons, climbing rope, etc.) .