This package offers you the wonderful impressions of the Himalayas during a short trek, an Asian jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, a mountain flight towards Mount Everest and some city trips filled with culture and tradition.

In Kathmandu we visit Boudhanath Stupa an Pashupatinath. Boudhanath is the largest stupa in Nepal and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet. It is the center of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu and rich in Buddhist symbolism. Pashupatinath Temple, with its astonishing architectural beauty, stands as a symbol of faith, religion, culture and tradition. Thousands of Hindus pilgrims from all over the world come to pay homage to this temple, which is also known as ‘The Temple of Living Beings’.

Bhaktapur is a quite city in Kathmandu valley, Unesco World Heritage and famous for its pottery and woodcarving.
We take a rest in Pokhara, perfect with the view of the mountains and Phewa lake. There are cozy pubs and restaurants, and possibility for boating or foot massage after your trek.

The Himalaya trek in this journey is a short and rather light trek, which you still get a very nice impression of the Himalayas. You will pass through typical villages, past rice fields on terrace construction, rhododendron forests and also by higher rocky areas. Sunrise at Poon Hill is the highlight of this trek, where you’ll get a fantastic view over the highest peaks under a red glow, when the weather is clear. This trek is possible with children because of the relatively short hiking times so you can cover the distance at a slower pace if necessary.

The Chitwan Jungle trip is a trip to the south of the country. This park on the border with India protects animals like the endangered Bengal tiger, rhinoceros, crocodiles, bears, snakes, deer, numerous species of birds, etc. You explore the magnificent scenery from the back of an elephant, from a wooden canoe or during a walk in the nature.

In Dadhikot you will stay in our own bed & breakfast at the countryside, far away from tourism, very quiet situated between the rice fields, with a view of the capital in the distance and the Himalayas at the horizon.

The mountain flight is a flight of about an hour in a small plane (16 to 20 pers.). The flight goes towards the Everest region and you will see the Himalayas in an impressive way.