Welcome to Nepal

We are Dinesh and Annemie, a Nepali-Belgian couple with a passion for trekking.  Together with our children we stay in Nepal for most of the year.  Dinesh combines his own guiding experience with the experience of local guides and porters to create your  ideal vacation!

Ganesh Trekking is a Nepali tour operator that puts an emphasis on creating a vacation that will satisfy your own wishes while respecting the local population, nature and culture.


Do you want to be in charge of certain parts of your trip or do you want Ganesh Trekking to organize the whole trip?  Ganesh Trekking will work with you to create a customized and perfect vacation that suits your needs.

In what we offer we differentiate treks, tailor-made tours (individual) and group tours.

Treks (or multi-day hikes) are our specialty.  You can book only a trek, or combine it with a full Nepal-tour (in group or individual).

Ganesh Trekking is an organization that works on small scale and considers a personal approach as important.
From our guides we don’t require only the necessary knowledge and experience, but also a positive attitude and respectful interaction with the guests and each other.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us by e-mail.  Not all our treks and tours are mentioned on the website.

Happy to see you in Nepal,

the Ganesh Trekking crew
Rajan, Prem, Manjil, Sanjeet, Dolma, Thakur, Milan, Yangi, Dinesh, Dahal, Aasish, Nara, Thirtha, Saurab, Nisha, Manju, Roshan, Ajay, Bigyan,